Mar. 18th, 2009

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Whoo I got a 97 on That Fucking Horrible Paper From Hell.

That makes me feel so much better about how well I did on the final in that class. Also, I never have to hear anything about Progressive historians ever again.

I sent it to my dad to be edited like a week ago, and he sent it back with this scathing paragraph about how much he hated the Progressive historians. I included it in my paper and was kind of hoping for a comment on it from my professor, but all I got was an "excellent paper!" which is, y'know, nice, but I always like it when professors give feedback on things.

Also, I only need to get a 30% on my Latin America final for an A in the class.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good about grades for this quarter. :)

Except maybe Econ. Fucking Econ. There's one fucker that screws up the curve. On our last midterm, the class average? 57. Some jackass got an 88. I'm praying they weren't the same person who got a 99 on the first midterm, since that screws up the curve horribly. One final left, which I guess I'll cram for tomorrow since it's Friday morning. I wish it was in the afternoon so I had a few extra hours, but whatever.

And then home to San Diego!


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