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Yeah, surprise! I'm still alive! I know, you totally didn't expect it. Anywhooo, on to the meme!

Post the first line of 50 songs on your playlist for your flist to guess.  =D No googling, that's cheating, you cheaters.

SO FAR: 22/50 down.

1.    “Everyday I love you less and less”
2.    “So she said ‘what’s the problem baby?’”
3.    “In matching blue raincoats our shoes were our showboats”
4.    “You are my only girl but you’re not my owner girl”
5.    “Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee”
6.    “Everybody’s got something they’ve had to leave behind”
7.    “The car won’t start, it’s falling apart”
8.    “Leaves are falling down on the beautiful ground”
9.    “Woke up this morning, put on my slippers, walked in the kitchen and died”
10.    “In the afterlife you could be headed for the serious strife”

11.    “So you’ve been to school for a year or two and you know you’ve seen it all”
12.    “Time for the final out; Rows of deserted houses”
13.    “I was waiting on a moment but the moment never came”
14.    “There’s a plane and I am flying”
15.    “Just a castaway, an island lost at sea”
16.    “I’m not a perfect person”
17.    “We’ve been through days of thunder”
18.    “Let’s talk about one, baby you gotta hear me out”
19.    “I pack my case. I check my face.”
20.    “Like a shooting star across the midnight sky”

21.    “I’ve waited hours for this, I’ve made myself so sick”
22.    “Fear me you lord and lady preachers”
23.    “Oh yeah, I’ll tell you something I think you’ll understand”
24.    “Everywhere I turn I hurt someone”
25.    “The lights go out and I can’t be saved”
26.    “Here’s the thing, we started out friends”
27.    “I bought a gerbil at the petting zoo”
28.    “Old Godzilla was hopping around Tokyo City like a big playground”
29.    “Hello, you, how was the rest?”
30.    “I asked you a question but I didn’t need you to reply”

31.    “I’ll wait for you till I turn blue there’s nothin’ more a man can do”
32.    “He calls the mansion not a house but a tomb”
33.    “Travelling in a fried-out combie on a hippie trail”
34.    “Moving on the floor now babe you’re a bird of paradise”
35.    “It’s the perfect time of year somewhere far away from here”
36.    “Are you aware of what you make me feel
37.    “When the night won’t fall and the sun won’t rise”
38.    “Cyrus Jones 1810 to 1913”
39.    “Gravitated towards a taste for foreign films and modern plays”
40.    “Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnnie Ray”

41.    “Like a warm summer day like a warm day in May”
42.    “Hey you! Do you remember me? I used to sit next to you at school”
43.    “I had no choice but to hear you”
44.    “So denied, so I lied”
45.    “To me, coming from you, friend is a four letter word”
46.    “You’re so gorgeous I’ll do anything”
47.    “As logic stands you couldn’t meet a man who’s from the future”
48.    “Thank god it’s Friday night!”
49.    “So 1, 2, 3, take my hand and come with me”
50.    “Won’t somebody let me out? Don’t wanna stick around no more”


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